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Miranda House, one of the premier women's institutions in Delhi University. Founded in 1948, it is a pioneer women's college located on the Delhi University campus. Built in warm red brick with spacious verandahs, the college shares an affinity with the colonial architecture of other educational institutions of the country. Miranda House also has a hostel, which happens to be among the oldest residential buildings of the university.

With nearly 3000 students in both science and humanities, Miranda House has kept alive a long tradition of liberal education. When it was founded, the college was meant to be a House where women of India would acquire education befitting to the modernization of India as its embarked upon as a new nation. Over the years, Miranda House has nutured thousands of young women in its portals. The college has always maintained high academics standards, with a distinguished faculty and students from across geographical and cultural boundaries. What is more inportant, however, is the space the college has provided to students to freely express and develop views that help them respond to a changing society.

Miranda House has produced a wide range of eminent women - writers, laywers, scientists, media persons, artists, social activities and political leaders who have not only excelled in their respective professions, but have also contributed significantly to Indian society, especially in the area of women's issues. But equally, if not more importantly, for thounsands of young women education at Miranda House has been an experience to expand their understanding. They have stepped out of Miranda House feeling confident and well equipped to face challanges of professional life as well as their lives as women. What makes Miranda House a distinguished institution today is its long tradition of commitment to liberal education and freedom of thinking which enable young to be independent individuals - a tradition everyone at Miranda House is proud of.

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