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"To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield" Tennyson's famous dictum is an unspoken motto for every member of the Lady Shri Ram College community 末 students, faculty, and staff alike. Founded by Sir Shri Ram in the memory of his late wife Lady Shri Ram on 31st July, 1956, the College soon outstripped its modest beginnings in the old Delhi area of Daryaganj. Indeed, its fast paced growth is evidenced by the fact that in just two years from its foundation, in 1958 the College relocated to its present verdant, spacious and well appointed location in Lajpat Nagar in South Delhi.

What lies behind the continuing success of Lady Shri Ram College, a triumph partially visible through the growth of its student body strength from 300 to 1800? The answers are many and varied. The core strengths that distinguish LSR from other institutions, even other Women's Colleges, is its ability to change and grow, to adapt itself to new and changed socio-economic paradigms. But through all its intellectual flexibility and capacity to create an atmosphere which upholds debate and discussion there is no compromise on ideals of tolerance, integrity and compassion towards the community at large.

What students discover, once they enroll in LSR, is that their dreams do not have to lie dormant within them. They discover, over the span of three exciting years, the seeking spirit that lies within each. Furthermore, they stumble upon the secret that few institutions can unlock 末 that learning is joy, that creativity is self empowering, that to be able to hear the language of your heart and mind is to live in the fullest way.

They also learn to enjoy the power to make decisions 末 big or small 末 by participating in a whole range of academic and extracurricullar activities that characterise the College. Whether it is editing and compiling the College Magazine with its diverse linguistic and academic disciplines, or arguing forcefully in the various debates, or conceiving and mounting quality theatre productions, or even listening to and learning from a vast array of distinguished speakers who regularly visit LSR 末 each and every avenue provides the opportunity for a journey into the world of ideas.

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