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The University Health Centre started functioning in 1973 as provider of basic medical facilities to students of the University. Since then, it has grown and assumed the role of a health care unit providing preventive, curative and promotive health services under one roof. Health Education is an integral part of our health services.

Location : University Health Centre (UHC) is located about 300m from the north gate in South West of Ganga Hostel.

Staff : The Chief Medical Officer is the head of the Unit. The staff of the University Health Centre (UHC) comprises of General Duty Medical Officers, part-time specialists, a homoeopathic physician, a staff nurse, pharmacists, a senior technical assistant, a technical assistant and other supportive staff. It also has staff for control of mosquito-borne-diseases.

OPD Services

1. Full-time doctors of the University Health Centre provide primary health care. The students can just walk in for      consultations and treatment.

2. Specialists: Consultations with the specialists in the faculties of internal medicine, psychiatry, ENT,       ophthalmology, dentistry and skin are available at the U.H.C. Prior appointments are required to meet the       specialists on the days of their visits.

3. Homoeopathic physician provides services in homoeopathic system of medicine.

4. Medicines are provided free of cost from the pharmacy of the Health Centre.

5. Laboratory facility provides moderate spectrum of routinely available hematological, biochemical and       Microbiology tests.

6. Routine Immunizations (only for tetanus).

7. Referral services to public hospitals for specialists' treatment/hospitalization and other services which are not      covered by the U.H.C.

8. Medical examinations ("Physicals") for academic pursuits in the university.

9. The families (wife and children only) of married students can avail of such medical facilities as are available at      the Health Centre on payment of medical fees for the family fixed from time to time. The Students may contact      the Health Centre to get further information.

Ambulance : Ambulance Service, in the normal course, is available all the 24 hours on all days of the week.

Services not Covered

1. Dental services like making of denture, root canal treatment etc.

2. Medical examination / certifications for employment, insurance, legal and other non-academic purposes.

3. Laboratory tests and X-rays for purposes other than diagnosis and treatment.

4. Transportation by ambulance / taxi unless emergent or authorized by doctors for chronic disabling diseases.

Timings : The University Health Centre functions from 8 A.M. to 2 P.M. and 4 P.M. to 9 P.M. on all working days from Monday to Saturday. In the evenings, the part-time doctors provide services and essential medicines are provided to meet the immediate needs of the students. Holi, Dushehra, Diwali, Sundays and National Holidays presently are observed as closed holidays.

Health Service Fee : Payment of health service fee of Rs.9/- per annum is compulsory for all full-time students. Rs12/- are payable by the students for medical booklets at the time of registration.

Medical Facilites to Foreign Students : Foreign students are extended medical facilities as are admissible to the Indian students. The foreign students who wish to avail of nursing home / private hospital facilities may obtain medical insurance cover at their expense to meet medical expenses on hospitalization, etc.

Health Education : Health education is an integral part of University Health Service. Efforts are made to arrange lectures on HIV / AIDS and other public health problems.

Counselling Services : The University Health Centre runs general counselling services for the students through its well-trained counsellors. Stress, family disputes, lack of communication between the parents, between brothers and sisters or even the peer groups, problems of value conflict, maladjustment, careers, depression, loneliness, alcoholism, sexuality are parts of contemporary life that threaten the psychological well-being of individuals. The centre provides support for various psychological problems. The centre also runs counselling services for HIV / AIDS. The aim of the centre is to educate and inform the students about the disease, its impact on the society and most importantly its prevention. The centre also undertakes pre and post test counselling

General Policy Regarding Confidentiality : The relationship between the health service providers and the students patients is special. Personal and medical histories of the patients are treated with utmost confidentiality. Notification to the parents and others is generally considered to be the responsibility of the student unless the condition of the student is serious or he / she is unable to assume responsibility for informing his / her parents and others and is under the care of the physicians at the Health Centre.

Health Advisory Committee : Student representation on the Health Advisory Committee provides a liaison between the providers and the users of the service. The Committee assesses, recommends programmes for development of services for benefit of the students.

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