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UGC-CSIR Junior Research Fellowships :

Only those candidates will be eligible for the award of fellowships who qualify in the national level test conducted by the University Grants Commission / CSIR and other similar test for award of Junior Research Fellowship as per the norms of the relevant organization.

State Government Fellowships :

Some of the States of the Indian Union have instituted at the School of International Studies one or two fellowships for scholars coming from their respective States. Some State Governments have also provided contingency grants.

The general terms and conditions governing the award of these Governments fellowships are given below:

1. The fellow must devote his whole time to approved courses of research and study at the University.

2. He shall not accept or hold any appointment paid or otherwise or receive any emolument, salary, stipend, etc.      from any other source during the tenure of the award. Junior Research Fellows with the consent of the      Guide / Head of the Department may assist the University / Institution in its teaching programmes, if called upon      to do so, including tutorials, evaluation of test papers, laboratory demonstration work, seminar, symposia, etc.      provided that such work undertaken by him/her is not likely to hamper his own research programme on hand.

3. He shall obtain prior permission of the University for appearing at any examination conducted by any other      University or public body.

4. The fellowship shall be terminated at any time if the progress and conduct of the fellow is found to be      unsatisfactory.

5. The fellowship shall ordinarily be tenable for a period of one year in the first instance but may be renewed for the      second, third and fourth years if the student continues to maintain satisfactory progress. However, a research      fellow who has displayed research ability but not completed his work may be considered for extension of      fellowship for a further period of one year at the end of four years period.

Merit-cum-Means Scholarships :

A limited number of Merit-cum-Means scholarships are available for deserving and meritorious students whose parent’s / guardian’s income does not exceed Rs. 75,000/- per annum or as may be laid down from time to time. The value of these scholarships is Rs.600/- p.m. for resident students and Rs. 240/- p.m. for non-resident students in case of students of the IVth year of the 5-year Integrated M.A. programme / 2-year M.A. / M.Sc. Programmes and Rs.280/- p.m. for resident students and Rs.180/- p.m. for non-resident students for B.A.(Hons.) 1st and 2nd year students. The payment of scholarships will be governed by the rules in force in the University from time to time.

Ford Foundation Scholarships :

A limited number of Ford Foundation Scholarships of the value of Rs. 700/- per month are available for students of the M.A. Programme of the School of International Studies. The Scholarships will be awarded purely on merit subject to the proviso that at least half of them will go to female students.

In addition, the following Endowments (Scholarships) / Fellowships / Awards are also available to students pursuing studies in the University:

Scholarships / Fellowships :

1. Okita Memorial Fellowship - There are two Fellowships each of the value of Rs.5000/- p.m. with an annual      contingency grant of Rs.10,000/- awarded by the ICCR on the recommendation of the University for 2 years.      This is open to meritorious Indian students in JNU who are registered for M.Phil / Ph.D. and MA 2nd year      programme in various Centres of SIS / SLL&CS / SSS pursuing studies / research in any of the areas of      specialization bearing on Japan or on India’s Relations with Japan.

2. G Parthasarathi Endowment Fellowship – There are four Fellowships including the one in Memory of Late      Chandrasekhar Prasad the student leader in JNU of Rs.1000/-p.m., each awarded to students initially for a      period of one year, renewable by another year on the basis of academic performance, to students coming from      economically weaker sections of society, particularly Scheduled Caste / Scheduled Tribe / Backward Class, and      Physically Challenged (Handicapped) students.

3. Australian High Commission Fellowship – There is Scholarship of Rs. 3500/- per month plus annual      contingency grant of Rs.6000/-. The Fellowship is awarded to a Ph.D. student for a period of two years working      on a subject concerning Australian Study in the Centre of CSCSEA&WPS / SIS.

4. Special Fellowships for Teaching and Research Careers - Two Fellowships are awarded @ Rs.5000/- per      month for students hailing from deprived sections of society i.e. Scheduled Caste / Scheduled Tribe and      Physically Challenged(Handicapped) categories and pursuing M.Phil / Ph.D. programme with a view to      preparing them for taking up teaching and/or research as career.

5. Dr. Sheila Zurbrigg Fellowship –This one time assistance of a maximum of Rs. 2000/- is awarded to one      deserving student of the Centre of Social Medicine and Community Health, School of Social Sciences.

6. Tendulkar Scholarship – This Scholarship of Rs.400/- p.m. is awarded for a period of two years to 2 students of      various Centres of School of Social Sciences by rotation.

7. Prof. Nurul Hasan Scholarship – Two Scholarships of Rs.1500/- p.m. each are awarded for a period of one year      to students of second year M.A. / M.Sc. / MCA students with the highest CGPA at the end of the first year, one of      which shall be for Social Science subjects and the other for Science subjects, for promotion of education and      other Ideals and values for which Prof. Hasan worked during his lifetime.

8. Jawahar Bhawan Trust Scholarship - These Scholarships are of the value of Rs.1000/-p.m. awarded to 10      students for a period of one year (covering two semesters) and may be renewed for subsequent semester(s)      subject to the condition that the student maintains CGPA of 5.5 at the end of third semester of MA / M.Sc. and      fifth semester in case of MCA.

9. Jai Surendra Scholarship – There are two Scholarships of Rs.1000/- per month for a period of two years, of      which one Scholarship will be awarded to a male student who has obtained highest CGPA in M.A. in History /      Political Science programme and the other for a female student of M.A.(Hindi) programme.

10. Prof. M J K Thavaraj MCM Scholarship – There are 2 Scholarships of worth Rs.300/- each p.m. and Rs.2000/-       as contingency are awarded on merit to M.A. (Economics) first year students of School of Social Sciences.

11. Nippon Foundation (Japan) - Two Fellowships are awarded every year out of the endowment of US$ 1 million       given by Nippon Foundation. The fellowship holders will enjoy this prestigious Fellowship for a period of 3       years at the rate of Rs.15000/- per month. At a given point of time from third year onwards, six students of       M.Phil. / Ph.D. programme will be awarded the Fellowship.

12. Korea Foundation(Korea) - Two Fellowships of Rs.8000/- per month plus Rs.20,000/- contingency for the first        two years and senior Fellowship of Rs.9,000/- per month and contingency of Rs.20,000/- per annum for the       subsequent two years are awarded to the M.Phil. / Ph.D. students.

      Two Fellowship of Rs.2000/- per month each for a period of two years to M.A. students and two Scholarships of       Rs.1000/- per month each for a period of two years are awarded to Undergraduate Students.

13. Sat Paul Mittal Fellowship - Sat Paul MIttal Fellowship in Population Studies and in Environmental Sciences of       Rs.8000/- per month plus annual contingency of Rs.20,000/- for first two years and thereafter Fellowship of       Rs.9000/- per month for a further period of two years is awarded to M.Phil. / Ph.D. students.

14. Com. H L Parwana Research Stipend - Com. H L Parwana Research stipend of Rs.5000/- per month is       awarded to M.Phil. student of School of International Studies or School of Social Sciences working in the areas       of Banking, Trade Union and Allied Areas.

Awards :

1. The President of India Gold Medal – This Gold Medal and Certificate is awarded annually to one student       adjudged best for excellence in academic performance literary activities, music, participation in hostel life,       sports, good character and conduct.

2. Dr. Arpita Mishra Award – Annual Certificate of Merit cum Cash Award of Rs.5000/- is awarded to the best       M.Phil.(Linguistics) student on completion of his / her course work every year.

3. Prof. Dalip Singh Bursary Award – Cash award of Rs.2000/- is awarded annually to the senior most Ph.D.       scholar of the African Division of SIS to enable him / her to prepare Ph.D. dissertation for submission to the       University

4. Rafal Isuzubieta Award – Cash awards are awarded annually to the best 2 M.A. students of Spanish Studies,       SLL & CS. The cash prize for the awardees will be determined on the availability of funds / interest accruing the       endowment.

5. A N Bhat Memorial Prize – Cash prize of Rs.5000/- is awarded annually to the most meritorious student of third       semester of M.A. (Economics) programme of School of Social Sciences based on his / her performance in the       1st year of M.A. Programme.

6. Vimla Saran Gold Medal– This Gold Medal is awarded annually to one student of MA (Chinese) in SLL&CS.

7. Sajjad Zaheer and Razia Zaheer Award – Award money plus certificate are awarded every year for one male       and one female M.A. Urdu literature student with the best performance in MA first year. The interest amount for       a particular year will be equally divided into two parts one for male and other for female student.

8. Juhi Prasad Award – Cash prize of Rs.2000/- is awarded annually to one B.A. student of Centre of Spanish       Studies of School of Language, Literature and Culture Studies.

9. Devendra Kumar Gupta Award – Gold Medal plus Certificate is awarded annually to one B.A. student of the       Centre of French and Francophone Studies of School of Language, Literature and Culture Studies.

10. School of Physical Sciences Gold Medal : This Gold Medal is awarded selectively for outstanding         performance in the M.Sc.(Physics) final programme

11. Ranjan Roy Memorial Prize: The Centre for Economics Studies and Planning awards the Ranjan Roy         Memorial Prize (worth Rs. 4000/-) to the best student completing the M.A. (Economics) programme from the         Centre.

Applications for the above Fellowships / Scholarships / Awards are invited from registered and eligible students every year through Chairpersons of Centres / Deans of Schools and are awarded on the recommendations of the Committees constituted for the purpose. There are a few other fellowships / scholarships / awards which are in the pipeline. Further details can be had from Room No.020 (Ground Floor) Scholarship / Fellowship Section, Administration Block, J.N.U., New Delhi – 110067.

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