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The Centre offers a Direct Ph.D. programme as also an M.Phil. / Ph.D. Programme.

i) Direct Admission to Ph.D. Programme : Given its inter-disciplinary orientation, the Centre welcomes     applications from scholars with M.Phil. degrees in Political Science, Economics, Sociology, and Law.     Those who do not have an M.Phil. degree should provide evidence of equivalent published work in the     intended area of specialisation.

ii) M.Phil. / Ph.D. Programme in Law and Governance : The objectives of the M.Phil. / Ph.D. Programme     in Law and Governance include the following :

To prepare candidates for doctoral research in public policy and socio-legal research that is not      limited by uni-disciplinary training.

To provide an inter-disciplinary perspective on the study of law and governance, by introducing the      basic concepts, debates and the now extensive literature on governance and legal issues,      emanating from the disciplines of political science, economics, public administration / public      policy, sociology and jurisprudence.

To equip students with the skills necessary to undertake research in areas of public policy,      including a special focus on the legal implications of these issues, by developing their expertise in      these diverse disciplinary areas, and so to enable a more complex and multifaceted approach to      issues of governance, public policy and law.

To acquaint the qualified practitioner policy-maker, civil servant, Lawyer or NGO worker --with the      major issues in this area.

    The M.Phil. programme is a two-year/four-semester programme of study from which students may     move on to the doctoral programme provided they meet the minimum grade requirements laid down by     the University. The M.Phil. programme consists of 3 compulsory courses; 3 optional courses; and a     dissertation. Each course carries 3 credits, and the course requirements are to be completed in the     first two semesters of the programme. The dissertation carries 10 credits and is to be completed by     the end of the fourth semester.

    The notable features of the M.Phil. Programme are :-

its multi-disciplinary orientation in both course design and teaching plan;

its substantive academic content;

its distinctiveness when compared to available courses in other Indian Universities; and

its coherence as a programme of study with a policy-orientation.

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