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A) School of Arts And Aesthetics

i) MA in Arts and Aesthetics

B) School of Computer Sciences and Systems

i) MCA (Master of Computer Applications)

C) School of Environmental Sciences

i) M.Sc in Environmental Sciences

D) School of Social Sciences

1. Centre for Economic Studies and Planning

i) M.A. in Economics

2. Centre for Historical Studies

i) M.A. in History (Ancient, Medieval & Modern History)

3. Centre for Political Studies

i) M.A. in Political Science

4. Centre for the Study of Regional Development

i) M.A. in Geography

5. Centre for the Study of Social Systems

i) M.A. in Sociology

E) School of Physical Sciences

i) M.Sc. in Physics

F) School of International Studies

i) M.A. in Politics (with specialization in International Relations)
ii) M.A. in Economics (with specialization in the World Economy)

G) School of Life Sciences

i) M.Sc. Life Sciences

H) Center For Sanskrit Studies

i) M.A.

I) School of Language, Literature and Culture Studies

1. Centre of Persian and Central Asian Studies

i) M.A. in Persian

2. Centre of Arabic and African Studies

i) M.A. in Arabic

3. Centre for Japanese and North-East Asian Studies

i) M.A. in Japanese

4. Centre for Chinese & South-East Asian Studies

i) M.A. in Chinese

5. Centre for French and Francophone Studies

i) M.A. in French

6. Centre of German Studies

i) M.A. in German

7. Centre of Indian Languages

i) M.A. in Hindi
ii) M.A. in Urdu

8. Centre of Linguistics & English

i) M.A. in English
ii) M.A. in Linguistics

9. Centre of Russian Studies

i) M.A. in Russian

10. Centre of Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Latin American Studies

i) M.A. in Spanish
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