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Note: The Application Form is to be filled in by the candidate IN BLACK INK ONLY giving complete information using capital letters as far as possible. Please read carefully the instructions given hereunder before filling up the form. Where the information is required to be filled in boxes, only one letter be written in one box. In case the number of letters exceeds the number of boxes, the information may be appropriately abbreviated. The information should neither be written outside the boxes provided nor additional boxes be drawn by the candidate to accommodate the information.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please note down your Application Form Number in your personal records and save it for future reference.

1. Name : The name should be written in CAPITAL LETTERS and should be exactly the same as given in the last      Board/University examination.

2. Father's / Guardian's Name : The name of the father/guardian should be written in CAPITAL LETTERS.

3. Date of Birth : The candidate should indicate date of birth exactly same as given in his/her High School or      his/her first Board Examination in terms of day, month and year. Use numeral 01, 02...31 for date, use numerals      01, 02..12 for month January, February ..... December respectively: use the last two digits for the year of Birth, for      example, Ist February 1964 be written as
     0 1 0 2 6 4

4. Sex : Write M for Male or F for Female, whichever is applicable.

5. State of Domicile : Mention code of the state to which the candidate belongs (For codes, Click Here):

6. Country, if Foreign National : Write the name of country, if Foreign National.

7. Course of Study and Choice of Field of Study

8. Choice of Examination Centre: The candidates should indicate one of the Centres along with its code out of the       list of Centres given under the Section XXV. No change will be permitted and no correspondence in this       context will be entertained. In case it is not possible to allot the centre of candidate’s choice, the University       reserves the right to allot him/her alternative centre. For Certificate of Proficiency (Part-Time) programme the       Entrance Examination will be held only in Delhi Centres. Since no entrance examination is to be held for other       part-time programmes i.e. DOP/ADOP/Mass Media, candidates applying for these programme need not fill this       column.

9. Special Categories: If the candidate belongs to any of the special categories given below, he should indicate by       writing SC/ST/OBC or PH and also indicate category Code as applicable in the boxes provided. The request       for change in the status i.e. SC/ST/OBC/PH etc. of the candidates subsequent to their submission of       Application Form will not be permitted at a later stage.



Scheduled Caste
Scheduled Tribe
Other Backward Class
Physically Challenged (Handicapped)

S C 1
S T 2
O B C 3
P H 4

The candidates belonging to the general category should not write anything in these boxes.

10. Quartile 1 or 2 : If the candidate has passed or is appearing in the qualifying examination (on the basis of         which he/she is seeking admission in the University) from a District falling under Quartile 1 or 2 Districts,         he/she should indicate the name of the College/ Institution with complete address including the State, District         and District Code after checking it from Chapter V of the Prospectus.

10. (a) If the candidate is a Kashmiri Migrant, please write Code 5.

       All Kashmiri Migrants are eligible for grant of 5 deprivation points on production of registration documents from        the notified authorities certifying their Kashmiri Migrant Status.

11. Photograph : The candidate should Paste (Not Staple) his/her recent unattested passport size photograph in        the Block provided in the Application Form.

12. Signature: The candidate should put his/her usual signatures IN BLACK INK ONLY (do not merely write name)        in the box provided.

13. Please note that Column No. 13. (i.e mailing address ) will be scanned and therefore it should be written        very clearly IN BLACK INK ONLY . If the candidate makes any mistake, he/she should cover the whole box        with exact size white paper slip and write his/her address on that.

14. Entrance Examination Fee :

(i) For Direct Admission to Ph.D. Programme, M.Phil./Ph.D., M.Tech./Ph.D., MCH/Ph.D., M.A., M.Sc. and MCA :      The Entrance Examination fee for candidates belonging to General Category including OBC is Rs. 220/- for 1      Discipline/Language, Rs. 430/- for 2 Disciplines/Languages and Rs. 600/- for 3 Disciplines/Languages.      Similarly candidates belonging to SC/ST and Physically Challenged (Handicapped) categories are required      to pay examination fee at the rate of Rs. 110/- for 1 Discipline/Language, Rs. 215/- for 2      Disciplines/Languages and Rs. 300/- for 3 Disciplines/Languages. For Direct Admission to Ph.D.      programmes and the admission of JRF holders to M.Phil./Ph.D. and Pre-Ph.D. programme in Science      Schools the candidates are required to pay processing fee at the above rates.

(ii) For B.A.(Hons.) and Part Time Programme: The Entrance Examination fee for B.A.(Hons.) 1st and 2nd year      and Certificate of Proficiency (COP) programmes, candidates belonging to General Category including OBC is      Rs.130/- for 1 language, Rs. 250/- for 2 languages and 360/- for 3 languages. Similarly candidates belonging      to SC/ST and Physically Challenged (Handicapped) categories are required to pay examination fee at the      rate of Rs. 65/- for 1 Language, Rs. 125/- for 2 languages and Rs. 180/- for 3 Languages. For all other Part-     Time programmes i.e. ADOP, ADOP(Mass Media) and DOP, candidates are required to pay processing fee      at the above rates.

(iii) For Advanced (Post Graduate) Diploma in Bioinformatics programme : The Entrance Examination fee for        candidates belonging to General Category including OBC is Rs.500/- Similarly candidates belonging to        SC/ST and Physically Challenged (Handicapped) categories are required to pay examination fee of Rs.        250/-.

(iv) Fee for foreign students : Foreign students appearing in the entrance examination are required to enclose        with their application form a Bank Draft amounting to US$ 25 or Rs.1250/- . Those applying for more than one        discipline/language are required to pay at the rate of US $ 25 or Rs. 1250/- for each additional        discipline/language.

The candidates are required to enclose Crossed Bank Draft (valid for six months) for the prescribed examination fee. The bank draft should be payable to JAWAHARLAL NEHRU UNIVERSITY and should be drawn on any bank in Delhi. The details of the bank draft should also be indicated by the candidate in column No.14 provided for in the application form.

The candidates who are applying for more than one discipline/Language of the same level of programme shall be required to pay the examination fees for each discipline/Language as per rates indicated above, failing which their candidature will not be considered for additional discipline (s)/Language (s), as the case may be.

The candidate must write his/her Application Form No., name, programme and field of study and Examination Centre opted for on the left hand corner on the reverse of the Bank Draft. The Entrance Examination Fee/Processing fee shall not be refunded in any case.

(If the bank draft for examination fee is not enclosed with the application form, the application will be summarily rejected without any reference to the candidate).

15. Permanent Address :

      Write complete permanent address in CAPITAL LETTERS, including Pin Code, while writing the address:

      (1) Do not repeat name in the address.
      (2) Do not split the words. Leave one box empty after every word.
      (3) Do not write beyond the boxes provided in the application form.
      (4) If the number of letters and the number of boxes to be left blank exceeds the number of boxes provided in             the application form, suitably abbreviate the address.
      (5) Do not draw additional boxes to accommodate the information.

16. Academic Record : While filling up the information relating to the Academic Record, the candidate should        indicate the name of the relevant examination i. e. B.A. (Hons.), B.A.(Pass),B.Sc. (Hons.), B.Sc. (Pass), M.A. or        M.Sc., as the case may be.

       In case the University/Institution from where the examinations have been passed by the candidate follows        letter grading system/CGPA the candidate is required to indicate the equivalent percentage in the space        provided in the application form for the purpose of determining the eligibility.

17. Present & Previous Employment Record : Candidates are required to indicate under Column 17 of the        Application Form the details of their present and previous employment, if any.

       The candidates, enjoying employed status and selected for admission to any of the programmes in the        University, are required to produce Leave Sanction and Relieving Order at the time of registration from        their employer for the duration of the programme permitting them to pursue their studies at the University,        failing which the offer of admission shall stand withdrawn.

18. Candidates should indicate the Code regarding Education Level of their Parents/Guardian in the Box         provided e.g. if the father of candidate is Graduate, write Code-3 in the box provided and if the mother is         High School pass, the candidates should write Code-2 in the box provided.

19. Candidates are required to write the Code regarding Family Income. The total Income of all the Family         members should be clubbed and then specified in the column provided e.g. if the total income of the family         (including the income of father, mother and all other members) is more than 50,000/- and less than one         Lakh, the candidate should write code-2.

20. Ocupation of both Father, Mother or Guardian as the case may be, be indicated.

21. Candidates are required to write the name of the School from where they passed their 10+2 or equivalent         examination, year of passing the exam and fill in the code regarding the School fees paid by them per         month in their 12th or equivalent standard.

Acknowledgment Card : One printed Acknowledgment Card is enclosed with the Application Form which       should not be detached by the candidate. The candidate is required to fill all the columns provided in the       Acknowledgement Card. The candidate is also required to write his/her complete postal address on the space       provided in the Card. and affix a postage stamp of Rs.3/- & enclose it with the application form. However,       candidates submitting Application Forms in person are not required to affix the postage stamp as the       acknowledgement card will be issued at the counter. For all further correspondence, the candidate should       invariably indicate his/her Application Form No. and address for communication to the Assistant Registrar       (Admissions), Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi-110067.

Enclosures and their order

    1. Bank Draft
    2. Application Form
    3. Acknowledgment Card duly filled in and affixed with postage stamp of Rs.3/-

Attestation : Candidates are required to get the attestation done on the passport size photograph on the top      of the application form and in the column provided in the applicaion form from the Head of the Institution      last attended or at present enrolled or a Gazetted Officer certifying that the statement under items 1, 3, 9 &      16 made by the candidate whose photograph appears on this form are correct.

      However, the candidates who are pursuing presently any programme of study in JNU must get the       attestation done from the Chairperson of the Centre/Dean of the School where they are enrolled.

No candidate admitted to a full-time programme of study in the University shall accept or hold any       employment paid or otherwise during the course of his/her study at the University except those specifically       permitted by the University in accordance with rules.

If any information furnished by the candidate in the application form is found to be false, his/her admission,      if granted on the basis of such information will be cancelled ipso facto.

Incomplete application forms will be summarily rejected without any reference to the candidates. The      candidates are, therefore, advised to carefully complete all the relevant columns of the application form as       per instructions in Chapter XXIV.

Application Forms received after the closing date shall not be entertained. However, where marginal delay      in submission of completed form occurs due to pressing reasons, or for circumstances beyond the      candidate’s control including postal delay, such of the application forms shall be considered on the merit of      each individual case with justification given by the candidate alongwith the form in support of his/her claim      for its late submission.

Any dispute with regard to any matter relating to admission shall be subject to the jurisdiction of Delhi      Courts only.

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