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Each candidate selected for various programme of study will be required to pay the following fees :

For M.Phil. / Ph.D.,M.Tech. / Ph.D., MCH / Ph.D., M.A., M.Sc., MCA, B.A.(Hons.) and Part-Time Prgorammes of study :

i) Tuition Fee

: (a) @ US $ 750 per semester for courses in science disciplines;
: (b) @ US $ 500 per semester for courses in humanities and social          sciences;

ii) Incidental charges

: @ US $ 100 per semester will be charged from both the above          categories.

For Advanced (Post Graduate) Diploma in Bioinformatics programme of study :

i) Tuition Fee and other fees

: @ US $ 1500

ii) Infrastructure maintenance fee

: @ US $ 1500

iii) In addition to the above, incidental       charges

: @ US $ 1500: @ US $ 100 per semester will also be payable

Note : Name of the defaulter, which shall be put up on the Notice Board, shall be removed from the rolls of the University.

Foreign Nationals who are selected for admission to any of the programmes of study through Entrance Examination are given preference for fee concessions.

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