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(a) M.Phil. / Ph.D. Programme (for all Centres)

Knowledge of International Affairs/Area Studies with interest in one or more of the following areas in which facilities are available in the School:

International Politics; International Organisation; Disarmament Studies, Political Geography; Diplomatic Studies; International Legal Studies; International Trade & Development; South Asian Studies; South East Asian & South West Pacific Studies; Central Asian Studies; Chinese Studies; Japanese Studies; Korean Studies; West Asian and North African Studies; Sub-Saharan African Studies; American Studies; Latin American Studies; Canadian Studies West European Studies and Russian, Central Asian and East European Studies.

The written test is intended to evaluate the competence of candidates in International Relations, History, Political Science, Economics, International Law and the field/area in which they are seeking admission, and their capacity for analysis and expression.

For International Legal Studies, a background of International Law is essential.

For International Trade and Development In International Trade and Development, the written test would consist of objective questions, problems and essay-type questions on the compulsory courses in standard M.A. Economics programme, specifically (1) price theory, consumer behaviour, cost curves and production functions, the firm in different market structures welfare economics, (2) national income accounting and determination, multiplier and accelerator analysis, inflation, (3) the pattern of trade and the adjustment of balance of payment, (4) economic underdevelopment, development policies, current Indian economic problems, and (5) elementary statistics and probability theory. A knowledge of elementary calculus is essential.

(b) M.A. in Politics (with specialization in International Relations)

The written test is intended to evaluate the knowledge of candidates in Political Science, History and Economics and their general awareness of world affairs. The test is based on essay-type questions.

(c) M.A. in Economics (with specialization in the World Economy)

The written test is intended to evaluate the knowledge of the candidates in micro-economics, macroeconomics, mathematics and statistics and some related disciplines, such as public finance and economic development. Two types of questions are to be answered in the three-hour test: (i) questions requiring precise and short answers and (ii) essay-type questions with specified word limits.

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