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Filling the ICR forms

ICR form has two pages. Do not detach them. Use of blue/black ball point pen is required for filling the first page. Impression made on the first page is automatically recorded on the second page (carbon-less copy). Codes of courses and colleges can be seen here.

Use BLOCK LETTERS to fill the form, writing one character in the middle of each box. The letters should not touch the sides of the box.

Select the colleges you would like to study in and the course you would like to pursue keeping in mind the cut-off percentages of last academic year.

Note : -

Do not detach the carbon-less copy before submitting the ICR form at any of the Admission Information Centers. Detached, torn or mutilated forms will not the accepted.

Submission of ICR forms

Filled-up ICR forms should be submitted at the Admission Information Centers only. On receipt of the form, an official of the University of Delhi will detach the carbonless copy and duly stamp it before returning it as an acknowledgement. Applicants need to preserve the carbon-less copy till the admission process is over.

Click below to see a sample copy of the ICR form.

To Have ICR Form Demo, Cick Here!                                         To Fill Actual ICR Form, Cick Here!